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His Best Friend’s Sister (Thorne Legacy #2) by Alina Parker – Free eBooks Download


If my over-protective brother asks, don’t tell him I screwed up with his best friend and don’t even mention that I might have gotten pregnant while doing it.

My brother thinks that Nate is exactly the kind of the guy that I should stay away from, even though he is his best friend. Nate is a total womaniser, he changes women like underwear. I guess it comes naturally when you are a billionaire – and not just any billionaire – He is a THORNE.
I had a silly crush on him when we were kids but he left 10 years ago. Now, he bought a company just so that his brother couldn’t get his hands on it which brings him back in the town. My brother convinces me to take an internship at Nate’s new office so that I could complete my course.

We are poles apart, he is always the perfect gentleman, always upright and dressed in a tux but I like to be free. I enjoy going out and meeting new people. I made it my mission to loosen him up so that he doesn’t remain so uptight all the time. I wanted him to enjoy life.
I succeed more than I thought, he enjoyed a little too much while curling my toes in O’s. I know he is as off-limits as it gets but boy he was hard to resist. It was completely wrong but it felt so right… in the moment.

But that night will change our lives forever. I don’t know how Nate is going to react when he finds out that I am pregnant with his baby and how the hell am I supposed to face my brother!

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