Highlander’s Captive Rose by Emilia C. Dunbar (ePUB)

highlander's rose, emilia c dunbar

Highlander’s Captive Rose (Chronicles of Highland Rebels #7) by Emilia C. Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


Her mistake is an opportunity. His secret is a weapon.

Bonnie Anderson is just like her name suggests: beautiful like a delicate rose in full bloom. But beneath her enchanting facade lies a vulnerability that yearns for protection, lest a stranger should pluck her petals. Fleeing a forced betrothal to a bitter old Laird, Bonnie finds herself trapped in the mysterious depths of the forest.
Bonnie’s fate takes an unforeseen turn when she encounters Darrow Donnell, a rugged woodsman with an irresistible charm. Drawn to her siren-like allure and gentle spirit, Darrow finds himself captivated by Bonnie’s presence. However, he is bound by his foster mother’s cunning scheme, forcing him to return Bonnie to her betrothed.
As their journey unfolds, their bond grows stronger, defying the constraints of duty and society. Darrow agrees to help her escape, but Laird MacKay is following close behind them. Their love flourishes with each stolen glance and forbidden touch, as they face challenges and the wrath of those who would keep them apart.

Will they find the strength to defy the forces that conspire against them and forge their own destiny? Or will they accept their fate as pawns in a game of festering hatred and selfish motives?

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