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High Stakes Holiday (Mountain Ridge Resort) by Jailaa West – Free eBooks Download


She won a resort week, with her hot billionaire boss, in a bachelor auction, but will he win her for life?

Cameron Gray has had enough of Blake Scott’s shenanigans. Things like sending her an aquarium of horny toads for Valentine’s Day. Cleaning up his wild schemes was not what she envisioned after graduating from college and becoming his office assistant. She spends half of her time fighting to keep him focused and the other half fighting her infuriating lust. An attraction she would never act on despite their one drunken office party kiss. A kiss so hot she almost incinerated on the spot.
But we don’t talk about that kiss, no, no, no…
No. She’s leaving his crazy tech company to start her own business. Strong women rock, right? But before she leaves, she has one more lesson to teach him. He’ll see how it feels when she’s the boss.
Blake Scott is rich enough to buy anything he wants, but all he wants is her…
Cameron thinks Blake doesn’t follow any rules. But he stuck to one.Hands off his employees. Except for one unforgettable, game-stopping kiss. Now that she’s leaving, he’s finally free to put his hands exactly where he’s wanted since the first instant he saw her. Now he’s got one weekend to get his assistant to unbutton the starchy white shirts that drove him crazy and let down her hair. She needs to learn how: to relax, live a little, and have fun. But most importantly…
Cameron Gray is going to learn. She might leave his company. But he’s not letting her go.

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