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High Note (Summit Spring) by BA Tortuga – Free eBooks Download


Kirsten Langdon is happy being a small-town girl. She works at the local pizza place slinging pizza and playing her guitar to whoever will listen a few nights a week. And if she wishes song-writing jobs were easier to get, well, that’s her problem.
Skyla Bridey is one of the hottest tickets in country music, but she’s burned out and tired of the hustle and bustle of the tour. So she’s taking the band to Summit Springs to figure out how to get her mojo back, and how to make her music more real again.
Sparks fly when Kirsten and Skyla meet over an evening of music, and they get to know each other quickly. Skyla admires Kirsten’s honesty and her out and proud life, but she’s not sure country music will let her go and do all the things she wants. Can the two women find enough common ground to make their life an upbeat number instead of a sad song?

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