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Hidden Truths (The Faction #1) by Erin Osborne – Free eBooks Download


We all have secrets we carry with us. Some belong to us and become our burden to carry. Others come from those in our lives. Then, there are the times secrets are spilled based on vicious lies by people who have no clue what is really going on in someone’s life. In my world, I wear my secrets like armor. They don’t protect me. If anything, it only hurts me more. However, if I share my secrets, then I could lose the one person in the world I’d do anything for. I’ll never allow him to leave me.
When the truth starts to come out, I don’t know if any of us are prepared for the fallout. If we’re ready to understand the depths of betrayal from the hidden truths keeping us from being happy and living our best lives. Especially with even more people being brought into the equation who believe we belong to them or are standing in their way of getting what they want.
Can I let those who destroyed me and stayed away when I needed them the most back in my life? How far are we all willing to go in order to break free from the chains holding us captive for so long now?

**Please read the trigger warning before starting this book!! This will end on a cliffhanger and questions will be answered through book 2 and 3 in the series

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