Hidden in Darkness 2 by Ali D. Jensen (ePUB)

hidden darkness 2, ali d jensen

Hidden in Darkness 2 (Salvatore Preparatory Academy #2) by Ali D. Jensen – Free eBooks Download


I got a brief glimpse into the light before I was sucked back into the dark. I had a dream. I finally had a future and was no longer alone and hiding in the shadows. Matteo, Noah and Cohen had finally earned my respect and I’d just learned what it meant to truly love.

When I get kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, everything changes and now I have to find a new way to make my way. I wake up in a dank, cold cellar, completely separated from the real world. All I’m left with is a menacing masked man who wants to keep me for himself.

He’s willing to fight for me.
He wants to fuck me.
He says I’ll destroy him.
He tells me I’m his one true love.

But in this stranger I find loyalty, understanding and the truth.

My world comes crumbling down around me when I learn about all the lies and half truths that made up my life. The puzzle pieces finally come together and when my guys come for me, everything will change.

The underground is a cruel and evil world, and I have every intention of rising to the top with all of my kings by my side. I know that I can make my mark in a man’s world and be the queen of it all, but first I have to survive.

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