Hexes and Hoarfrost by J.R. Rain (ePUB)

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Hexes and Hoarfrost (Occult Oddities #2) by J.R. Rain, H.P. Mallory – Free eBooks Download


Being possessed is no walk in the park.
Especially when the roommate in your head happens to be a witch that a lot of people want dead—as in the ‘doornail’ sort of dead.

Indigo Hallewell, the witch within me, is the exact reason I very nearly met my fate once already. I was able to narrowly escape that debacle owing to my very sexy guardian, Angelo, who also happens to be an incubus.
And in case you aren’t sure what an incubus is—it’s a sex demon.
I’m literally shacked up with a sex demon. Only this one seems to have a conscience—maybe that’s the reason he hasn’t made a move on me yet.
But Angelo’s not my only guardian.
Enter Marty Zach, human and graphic designer, ghost hunter, and now the newest monster hunter recruit. Yep, Marty is what’s called a null which means magic doesn’t work on him—a good trait to have in a guardian.
As far as I’m concerned, a girl can’t have too many protectors—especially when there’s some sort of magical beast on the loose, and I’m pretty sure it’s got its sights set on me.
But that’s not even the worst of what I’m going through at the moment—no, that ignoble title is reserved for the truth I learn about Indigo and just why she’s at the top of everyone’s most wanted list.

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