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Hexennacht (Wheel of the Year #2) by C.M. Nascosta – Free eBooks Download


Hexennacht is the Night of Witches, Samhain’s calendar twin. A night of revelry and dancing, of bonfires and sisterhood
. . . but it had been on another Hexennacht when her fortunes changed. Cast from the ancient circle, dispossessed of belonging. A solitary witch, practicing her craft alone . . . at least, until the day Anzan arrived at her door.
She never expected to fall in love with the quiet Araneaen upstairs, and could not have foreseen how easily he would spin his web around her heart.
When Anzan’s future in Cambric Creek and their happiness is threatened, Ladybug has no choice but to open a door from the past and let a familiar face back into her life. Stepping outside her comfort zone is the last thing in the world she wants to do, particularly when she and Anzan are so happy in their insulated little bubble . . . but if she doesn’t act, the bubble may burst beyond her control.

This high heat, cozy monster romance features a neurodivergent witch FMC and a non-human spider-like MMC and takes place within the Cambric Creek Universe. It is best read as part of the series. Hexennacht is the second volume of The Wheel of the Year and comes after The Mabon Feast.

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