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Hesi-Dating (The Fosters #2) by Zoe Forward – Free eBooks Download


I warn all my dates: Don’t fall for me.
I’m good for a date or two of no-strings fun, but then I’m a ghost.

Until the sheriff. He saves me from a jerky ex-date. Now I owe him a favor. Almost a decade older than me, funny, and insanely attractive, my chemistry with Seth is off the charts. His post-divorce hurt makes me want to heal his wounded soul. For the first time in ever, I say no. He doesn’t deserve my heartbreaking ways. I tell myself I must walk away since me dating law enforcement is a no-can-do. I’m not a felon, but I do have connections from my past that make it dangerous. If I’m truthful, it’s self-preservation. Seth threatens to awaken the desiccated organ inside my chest.

Then he needs a favor.
Calling in favors becomes our not-dating game.

I should have stopped helping him. I should have left well enough alone. But I just couldn’t resist. I have a connection to this guy. One that has me acting irrationally. One that snags the attention of the gang leader I wished would leave me alone.
I want to nurture our burgeoning spark, but I must protect us from the deadly dangers of my past.

Hesi-dating features a hesitant sheriff, a player girl hiding a big heart and dangerous past, a lame horse, and the world’s worst home security dog. It stands alone and comes complete with sibling meddling, an awkward naked handcuffs scene, and a sweetly satisfying happily ever after.

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