He’s So Not My Valentine by Savannah Scott (ePUB)

he's so not my valentine, savannah scott

He’s So Not My Valentine by Savannah Scott – Free eBooks Download


Valentine’s Day should be outlawed.

Here are a few fun facts about me:
1. I do not love Valentine’s Day.
2. I love coffee.
3. I’ve never left the state of North Carolina.

I’m not complaining. I grew up in the quaint town of Harvest Hollow, met my charming husband, and had our amazing son here … That was before my “charming” ex-husband decided he needed to expand his horizons.
Since that time, I’ve been raising Nate alone, with the support of my family, and running Cataloochee Coffee like it’s my own business.
I’m not looking for romance–especially not at this time of year when everyone couples up in the name of a dead saint who happens to be the patron of lovers, epileptics and beekeepers.

When Rene Dubois comes from France to visit my sister and her husband, I obviously keep my distance. I don’t need his kisses to my cheeks, his flirty banter, or the way his bright green eyes make me feel flutters in my belly and tingles across my skin. I don’t do flutters or tingles.

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