Hers to Forget by Avery Samson (ePUB)

hers to forget, avery samson

Hers to Forget (The Sideswiped) by Avery Samson – Free eBooks Download


Teddy was simply my brother-in-law’s foul-mouthed little brother. He became my best guy friend when he was fourteen. By seventeen, he was still the foul-mouthed little brother but now he was surly and beautiful. I fell in love that summer only to leave again. Now he is the handsome, reserved twenty-two year old that I need to forget once and for all. If I can only get far enough away, he can have the life he deserves. If I can only run from my dreams.

Sophia Wright thinks she can run from me. But I have been in love with her since I was fourteen and no distance can ever really separate us. I’ve tried to let her go on with her life without me, but now I’ve had a taste of her. I know we can have our happily ever after if I can only find her again. I will cross the world to find the one person put on this earth for me if I have to. Now I have to convince her that our only hope of happiness is in each other’s arms.

WARNING: This novella is meant to be read at the end of the series. Otherwise, you might come away quite confused!

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