Hero of my Future by Kat Bammer (ePUB)

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Hero of my Future (Sec Ops Group #3) by Kat Bammer – Free eBooks Download


The only thing worse than a love you can’t have is a love you shouldn’t even want!

I jumped into the deep end of danger, working undercover.
Especially returning to my hometown to do it.
But kissing my first love, and brother’s widow, Gracie–equally as dangerous.
When my undercover work seeps into my real life, Gracie gets caught in a web of lies, half-truths and potential danger.
My number one priority—protecting her.
With the help of the Sec Ops Group–a motley crew of former military guys like me on a mission to fight human trafficking–I’m not afraid to take on a drug cartel to keep her safe.
And once she’s safe? Then, it’s time to finally claim her.

I’ve loved and lost. Been there, done that, got the heartache to prove it and no intention of ever going back there again.
Kissing George might not be in line with that plan.
Especially after sitting next to him at my in-law’s dinner table.
And getting entangled in all the craziness in his life? Definitely not the way to protect my heart.
But when he promises forever, I find it hard to say no.
Can George convince Grace to take a chance on forever with him? Before it’s too late?

This small town protector romance features a man on a mission who’s finally ready to claim his true love and a woman not willing to risk her heart again. It’s a rough ride, especially with the interference of her sisters and his group of friends. But at least they help them survive.

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