Her Second Chance Cowboy Grump by Rosalie Carter (ePUB)

her second chance, rosalie carter

Her Second Chance Cowboy Grump by Rosalie Carter – Free eBooks Download


As a single dad with a struggling ranch, this cowboy has plenty to justify that chip on his shoulder.

But I’m determined to make this small town my fresh start, and no surly cowboy is going to rain on my parade.
Ethan Harvey is quite a specimen with those clear blue eyes and scruffy demeanor.
Too bad he has to open his mouth.
What is it with these grumpy cowboys?
Their flagship scowl, rugged good looks, intense stares that make you feel exposed, raw and vulnerable.
Sure, I would avoid him altogether.
But his spare barn is the only option in town to host my afterschool child art program.
Little did I realize, it would also give me a front row seat to witness his character at play.
The way his face lights up when he’s with his daughter.
How protective he is for anyone he cares about, his daughter or his ranch crew.
I was too busy running away to see what I just about smacked into.
But when trouble comes knocking again, will I have what it takes to stay or will I give up everything to run again?

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