Her Night In Shining Armani by Lisa Wells (ePUB)

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Her Night In Shining Armani (Manhattan Knitters’ Club #1) by Lisa Wells – Free eBooks Download


By day, Wendy Travis is a stone-cold-accurate proofreader of contracts for individuals whose deeds bend toward the peculiar. By night, she’s the out-of-date fashionista president of the Manhattan Knitters’ Club. The club’s motto: What happens at knit club stays at knit club!

When the new upstairs neighbor interrupts her sleep with his nocturnal shenanigans, she’s suddenly not so accurate in her job. With the backup of her knitting friends, she confronts Mr. Can’t Keep It In His Pants.
Land developer, Jackson Adler, is in the wrong place at the…right time. When a posse of tiara-wearing, needle-wielding misfits—including one very animated, very sexy, and slightly tipsy woman—mistake him for the tenant of Apartment 5C, he doesn’t correct their error. Instead, he suggests a quid pro quo agreement. He’ll pipe down if Wendy agrees to buy him at an upcoming bachelor-auction…on his dime of course.
Wendy counters wither her own quid pro quo offer because she intends to find out if those late-night moans and squeals of pleasure are fake—or stone-cold accurate responses.
Conventional? No. Worthwhile? Time will tell.

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