Her Midnight Desire by Brynn Hale (ePUB)

midnight desire, brynn hale

Her Midnight Desire by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


A curvy woman and brother’s best friend instalove romance with all the hope of a new year!

The year’s been a successful failure and after a friend breaks our plans, I’m ready to ride into the next one without much fanfare.
When a woman with a familiar last name applies to stay at my rental, I’m ready to hit the cancel button just to be alone, but something about her personal note hits a high note with me.
She’s “getting away from it all” and I wonder what it all means.
I find out who she really is. That last name wasn’t a coincidence.
Katy’s sweet and sincere, and her curves are rocking my New Year’s Eve.
Her brother’s not going to be happy about what’s happening and he steps between Katy and me without even knowing it.
It’s time to stop worrying about what others feel and want—except for when it comes to Katy.
I’m ready to feel more than I ever have and I’ll want her forever.

My life’s meh. Completely blah. And utterly sigh-worthy.
So I decide to get away from the monotony and book a rental out of town for the New Year’s.
Jeph’s unusual names sets off flags in my head, but he’s too charming and handsome not to at least have a little flirty fun.
But when my brother throws me a curve telling me his best friend’s secret, I’m broken. I thought Jeph was honest with me.
Life goes from meh-blah-sigh to everything I’ve ever wanted to crashing at my feet, all in one fateful sparkling night.
I wanted special, but maybe special doesn’t exist.
And neither does forever.

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