Her Highland Sinner by Fiona Faris (ePUB)

her highland sinner, fiona faris

Her Highland Sinner (Highlanders of Cadney #11) by Fiona Faris – Free eBooks Download


“Ye owe me one wish. I want ye tae continue what ye started last night.”
“But ye’re tae be betrothed tae me brother…”

Erin MacDougall is a warrior lass, and as such, she is not supposed to fall in love. Especially not with a master of seduction that she can barely stand. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, so when Erin is compelled to embrace her inner temptress to charm a laird for the sake of her clan… she reluctantly immerses herself in persuasion lessons with him.
And said master of seduction happens to be none other than the brother of her would-be betrothed.
Marcus MacLean has always been well aware of Erin’s disdain for him, so he has kept his distance. However, witnessing her fruitless attempts to win his brother’s affections compels him to intervene, and help her out of her misery. With a mastery in charming women into his bed, Marcus – being the gentleman he is – offers Erin lessons. Being as desperate as she is, Erin accepts.
But as their kisses begin to feel less like practice and more like a promise, Marcus realizes he’s in trouble…
Marcus knows one should never desire his brother’s lass. But when it’s too late and one is already in that deep, is there any chance of coming out unshattered? We didn’t think so either…
He was nothing more than a pawn in her game of seduction…

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