Her Eternal Mate by Jaymin Snow (ePUB)

eternal mate, jaymin snow

Her Eternal Mate (Forever Mate #3) by Jaymin Snow – Free eBooks Download


Winner could write history, but couldn’t cure a broken heart.
Although we won the epic war with vampires, I became agitated and overwhelmed due to PTSD.
My world was falling apart, and my mate was the only lifeline.
However, he refused to provide me with the real medicine: leaving his pack.
He reassured me that everything would be okay, but soon enough, he was in trouble.
Werewolves were attacked by a group of inhuman and immortal super soldiers.
And his adversary was the mysterious Clandestine Court, who accused him of endangering the lives of fantastical beings.
I wouldn’t abandon my mate when he needed me, but he berated me for it.
He’s losing control, much like those immortal soldiers who had been administered the wrong serums.
I knew no one was perfect, and love was a game of finding the right fit.
But should I trust a man who possesses a sadistic nature to be mine, “the one and only”?

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