Her Dragon Lord by Riley Storm (ePUB)

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Her Dragon Lord (Dragons of Mount Valen #2) by Riley Storm – Free eBooks Download


Robbed of her memories and framed for murder, the only hope she has is him…

Katie Sturn can remember her name, but nothing more. It’s not much to go on when she awakens to find herself standing over a dead body, gun in hand. A gorgeous stranger with eyes of arctic ice accuses her of being the killer. But that’s not what she is. Or is it? Despite the lack of proof, she knows deep down she couldn’t have done it. Now if only she can convince the hulking, handsome brute to let her live long enough for her to remember…

Dragon shifter Warren Valen is in a tough spot. As leader of his clan, it’s his responsibility to enact justice for the fallen. Normally he wouldn’t hesitate, but this time his dragon is screaming at him that it would be a mistake. He can’t kill her, even though she was found standing over the dead body. He’ll go to any lengths to save her, because there’s only one thing more important to him than his clan. His mate.

Convinced that something sinister is going on and that Katie’s been framed, Warren sets out to try and prove her innocence. He knows he can’t fail, or else he’ll be forced to kill her. Without her memories, there’s precious little for the two of them to go on, and things only get grimmer. Still, sometimes all it takes to remember is a little spark, and they have that in spades. What they discover in their quest to figure out who Katie is will test them individually, and together. Because when her memories return, everything she’s done will be revealed…

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