Henrikk’s Masquerade by Darcy Fayton (ePUB)

henrikk's masquerade, darcy fayton

Henrikk’s Masquerade (Henrikk’s Short Story #4) by Darcy Fayton – Free eBooks Download


“I’ve died a thousand times waiting for you to notice me…I have endured time. I have endured you. And now, you shall endure me.”

He betrayed his king.
He knew he’d be punished.
But General Asher never thought he’d be on his knees, with the King kneeling behind him, delivering each blow.
** Book 4 of a DARK and SPICY short story series featuring an MM BDSM romance between two vampires **

As whispers of treachery echo through his royal court, Vampire King Henrikk forces his closest ally, General Asher, to submit to a humiliating punishment, one that sends shockwaves through the Throne Room. As Henrikk finds himself irresistibly drawn to Asher, emotions emerge that confuse and frighten him, leaving them both craving something beyond their control.

To protect another, Asher takes the blame for a crime he didn’t commit and is branded a ‘traitor’. Now, as he endures the brunt of Henrikk’s punishment, Asher’s years of concealed affection for the King threaten to come to light. Imprisoned and lonely, Asher tries desperately to bridge the chasm that divides them, igniting a power struggle rife with simmering tension.

As they teeter on the brink of darkness, can Henrikk and Asher trust each other enough to salvage a thread of their tenuous relationship? Or will their fears rip them apart forever?

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