Heavenly Thingamajig by Shelly Briggs (ePUB)

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Heavenly Thingamajig by Shelly Briggs – Free eBooks Download


A magical spell lies over Manhattan. Thick snowflakes transform the otherwise noisy and hectic city into a world full of fairytale encounters.

Maximilian von Theis, on the other hand, can’t be bothered with the Christmas flair exuded by the colorful lights, glittering Christmas baubles and Santa Claus. Instead of climbing up the facades of buildings like plastic Santa Clauses, he successfully climbs the career ladder.
Emmy Stark loves Manhattan at Advent. Twinkling lights, tinsel in store windows, jingle bells wafting out onto the streets from every corner, the smell of marzipan in the air. With stiffly frozen fingers and flushed cheeks, she hurries through the urban canyons as a bike messenger.
It’s only a brief moment that Emmy and the success-addled entrepreneur meet – not even for the blink of an eye. And suddenly this moment triggers a series of events that neither Emmy nor Maximilian had expected. Because as an angel, the down-to-earth businessman still has an important job to do. If only the lively blonde would not make it so difficult for him …
A heavenly story full of romance, wit and charm.

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