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heaven hell, aquila thorne

Heaven and Hell (Blood Moon) by Aquila Thorne – Free eBooks Download


While the earth is on the brink of destruction, the true, powers that be; God and Satan, are getting a little peeved off.
Deciding that enough is enough, they send their trusted sidekicks to take care of business. By any means necessary.
Ava Scott doesn’t want to leave the place she has considered home, ever since she met her untimely demise. She hates it there, but she doesn’t want to leave either. When her boss, Satan, tells her that if she goes to the surface to raise a little hell, she can return for good.
But only if she works with her worse nightmare, Noah Hell, the guy that broke her heart and her neck.

Noah has no clue what’s going on. One minute he was taking a leisurely nap on a fluff of clouds and the next he found himself spiraling down to earth, landing in the middle of nowhere, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Shivering, he sets off to a nearby cabin. Once there, and knocking on the door, he’s shocked to discover the love of his life standing before him.
Only he doesn’t know that when he died, so did she…

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