Heatwave in Blossom Creek by Lexi Buchanan (ePUB)

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Heatwave in Blossom Creek (Blossom Creek #3) by Lexi Buchanan – Free eBooks Download


Kennedy De La Fuente is enjoying life in Blossom Creek. It’s the first time away from home, and the small apartment in the converted barn is perfect. The scenery is, for the most part, similar to that of Montana. The scenery at the small fire station, on the other hand, is nothing like it is back home. Her gaze has a mind of its own and is drawn to the handsome fire chief. Kennedy is finding it increasingly difficult to hide her feelings for the man. It’s the very last thing she wants.

A heatwave is currently engulfing Blossom Creek and its inhabitants. The fire department is kept busy responding to medical emergencies and attempting to keep the forest surrounding the town from burning. Zeke Davidson has begun to prefer being out on a job so that he’s not in close quarters with his office manager, who wears very little due to the oppressive heat. The woman is a distraction he doesn’t need—in fact, she is the very last thing he wants.

Once again, the Between the Sheets Book Club is more interested in gossip than a book. This time, the ladies are discussing Zeke and Kennedy.

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