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Heartsong (War of the Underhill #2) by S. E. Wendel – Free eBooks Download


San Francisco, Present day

A gargoyle warrior unprepared for the modern world…
Fifteen hundred years ago, Frey and all his kind were cursed by the vicious fae queen, their magick stolen and their bodies rendered stone. It has been a hellish existence, frozen in time as the world changes around them. A proud warrior ready for a mate, Frey rages against his stone prison, but with every year that passes, hope slips away that the curse will ever be broken.
That is, until he and some of his kin are placed in an odd little museum. And she walks through the door.

A modern woman not ready for a medieval male…
Anna Kincaid has just gotten back on her feet. After struggling with student debt, chronic migraines, a serial-dater mother, and Bay Area rent for years, she’s finally landed a job that will help with all of it. It feels too good to be true—full health care with dental and helping manage a museum full of exquisite artifacts? Her heart and history degree are thrilled, but something about the museum is…odd. The owners are a mysterious, if kind couple who call the collection the clan. And the collection is…well, monstrous. Huge, savage-looking statues from the late Celtic period.
Magick stolen can be reclaimed, and curses cast can be broken…

When the museum is stormed by masked commandos one night, it isn’t even the weirdest thing to happen. No, she could wrap her head around organized art theft—what defies belief is one of the big gray behemoths springing to life to save her. And that he flies off with her. And when he tucks her into his big body and growls mate.

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