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heart's storm, viola grace

Heart’s Storm (Falling Underhill #4) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Audra has been working for the family business forever. Having it sold to an elf partnership is surprising, but she has met one of them before.

Audra is working on spring prep for the greenhouse her family owns when one of the boxes contained something that was definitely not seeds. The ceramic sends her to another dimension in less time than it takes to blink an eye.
She is told to find the storm king to send her home, and she does, but he won’t. She asks him to return her to the mortal realm, and he offers her a tour of Underhill instead.
The tour brings them closer, and with neither of them agreeing to a time to part, Puck has to step in and draw a curtain over their frolics.
Back at home, Audra learns that not only have her parents put the greenhouse up for sale, it is a done deal. Her life begins to spin away from her, and the only thing that is steady is the hand of one of the purchasers who seems terribly familiar.
When her memories come back in a rush, she is mortified and fascinated. He is offering her an extensive future and her hopes and dreams. Should she jump at the chance or risk more than her heart in the embrace of the storm?

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