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Heartland Romance (Heartland Cowboy Christmas #3) by Jessie Gussman – Free eBooks Download


Elias Emerson has worked hard and become a successful businessman. Fellow businesswoman Catherine Hutchison has been with him, helping him, all his adult life, but he’s never really paid attention to her. She’s just there.
Never noticed how much she did for him behind the scenes. How much she lifted him up and made him better. How much she sacrificed to give him the support and encouragement he needed.
Until she announces that she’s quitting her job and moving away from Prairie Rose.
Catherine Hutchison has spent almost two decades working with Elias knowing he often took her presence and help for granted, but she considered him a friend and believed in him. Friends don’t keep score.
Maybe she had a crush on him in high school, but he’d never returned her feelings and they’d remained friends and business partners. His family was family to her, too.
Now, she’s facing the test of her life and needs to move closer to family.
Except Elias has a perfect solution she’d never considered.
Can two friends become more with the help of a crazy family and a Christmas miracle?

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