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Heartbreak Vows by Aarti V Raman – Free eBooks Download


Fashion heiress Ophelia Rai needs an investor to save her company from bankruptcy. When she barges into the office of the most powerful man on Wall Street, she doesn’t see her ex or her family’s enemy. Only a seventy-million-dollar check. And she’ll do whatever it takes to get it.
Even get into a marriage of convenience with the man whose heart she broke, eight years ago.
Her old-fashioned family disapproves of this plan but Lia is desperate. Then, she does the unthinkable. She starts falling for him all over again…
Ambitious and powerful Simon Archer is forced to marry to avoid a PR disaster. So, he chooses his enemy’s daughter. A scandal ruined the Archers and the billionaire stockbroker vows revenge on those who made it happen.
He manipulates the situation to his advantage. Take the girl who dumped him as wife and everything else her father holds dear.
But secrets and vows don’t mix well when Simon realizes marriage to him means heartbreak for his innocent wife…

Heartbreak Vows is full of an angsty marriage of convenience, enemies to lovers who get a second chance, forced proximity, my wife moments, a morally grey hero, and a hard-won happy ending.

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