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hear me out, hilly keen

Hear Me Out (Work For It #1) by Hilly Keen – Free eBooks Download


After a reality-bending New Year’s kiss, can these coworkers figure out a way to collaborate without more fireworks?

It was one meaningless kiss, so why can’t I stop thinking about it? Obviously, it was a mistake. A huge. Big. Mistake. But Stuart was right there, and I was sad and maybe a little lonely. Now I have to act like nothing happened while we work together. But thanks to his podcast ambitions, a tiny sound booth, and his weirdly hot suspenders, I’m not sure I could resist him even if I tried.

Meredith might be the spikiest woman I know, but that won’t discourage me from trying to get closer to her. Being the youngest of a large family, I’m used to fighting for what I want, and not always playing fair. So no amount of black-cat attitude she throws my way will get me down.
Now, with the help of her audio expertise, a few late night recording sessions, and some meddling coworkers, I have a chance to show Meredith I’m more than the office manager who gets under her skin. She holds the future of my podcast in her hands, but what will she do with my heart when she figures out she has that too?

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