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healing tides, katie winters

Healing Tides (Katama Bay #2) by Katie Winters – Free eBooks Download


A Martha’s Vineyard widow hasn’t known happiness in a long, long time. Death has surrounded her. And hope has long-since left the building. What happens next is beyond her wildest dreams.

Elsa Remington Steel pledged to love one man, for the rest of her life. Aiden was a bright light, a wild personality, a beautiful soul — her husband and the father of her three wonderful children.
Two years before, when they learned of his diagnosis, Elsa felt his death coming like a storm.

After all, her brother had died at age ten, her mother had died when she was sixteen, and her father’s health was on the decline. In Elsa’s eyes, her world quickly fell apart. It was just expected.
Now, her father is dead, her husband has been gone for over a year — but Elsa finds herself in the midst of beautiful renewal. She’s just met her stepsister, Janine, who’s pushed them to re-open the Katama Bay Wellness Lodge and Retreat Center, and Elsa has rediscovered love for her work, alongside her stepmother and dear friend, Nancy.

But secrets from the past threaten to drag her and her sister, Carmella, back into the darkness.

Can Elsa build love and life and beauty for herself again, after so much loss? Can she find a way to heal?

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