Healing Hearts by C. R. Alam (ePUB)

healing hearts, cr alam

Healing Hearts: Gene & Amanda’s Story (Echo #0.5) by C. R. Alam – Free eBooks Download


Tender hearts. Urgent touches. Healing love.

In the quaint town of Gainesville, Georgia, ER doctor Gene Rowland seeks solace and purpose after years of tirelessly tending to the sick and injured. Eager to rekindle his love for medicine, he returns to his childhood home, hoping to find clarity amidst the quiet streets and familiar faces.
Little did Gene know that his home coming welcome starts with a sudden rescue of a persistent baker, Amanda Garner, who got into a bizarre accident. Not expecting such a dramatic return, Gene suddenly finds himself nursing Amanda and feels compelled to help her figure out what happened.
Caught between his new role as the town’s doctor, his growing attachment to a patient, and the small-town gossips, Gene soon discovers he can’t resist Amanda’s warm touch and delectable creations. She does more than just kindle his passion. She also has a remarkable power to heal his heart and faith in his fellow humans. Throughout their little adventure, she shows him that compassion and kindness still exist in the world, and even a minor act of kindness can go a long way.

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  • Healing Hearts: Gene & Amanda’s Story – C. R. Alam ePUB



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