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hawk's honor, maddie wade

Hawk’s Honor (Ryoshi Delta #3) by Maddie Wade – Free eBooks Download


Thomas ‘Hawk’ Reardon knows how fragile a woman can be after the tragic death of his step-mother. A protector by nature, no one stirs those instincts like Felicity Kendall. Hawk is fascinated with the woman who has haunted him for months, and when he runs into her again, he’ll do everything he can to have her in his life and gain her trust. In order to help Felicity heal, he needs to let go of his own painful past.

Felicity Kendall hasn’t had it easy. As the daughter and sister of serial killers, she’s learned to protect herself from a cruel world by hiding away and writing books that feature the life she wished she had and the heroes she is afraid to trust. She’s drawn out of her shell when she encounters Hawk at a book signing, where it becomes apparent, he was the inspiration for her latest hero. She’s quickly embraced by Hawk and his friends as they gently pull her out of her self-imposed isolation and offer her a life she had only dreamed of.

As Hawk and Felicity grow closer, their lives are put in danger when Hawk draws the ire of the latest serial killer his team is hunting. When the killer then turns their sights on Felicity, Hawk will do whatever it takes to save the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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