Hawk on the Hunt by Tina Folsom (ePUB)

hawk on hunt, tina folsom

Hawk on the Hunt (Code Name Stargate #5) by Tina Folsom – Free eBooks Download


In the thrilling conclusion of the sexy Code Name Stargate series, ex-CIA agent Dylan “Hawk” Steele returns to Washington D.C. after years on the run. While trying to defeat the enemies that have wreaked havoc on his life, he has a fated encounter with ex-girlfriend Zara Richardson. She’s the only woman he’s ever loved, and she may be the only one who can help expose the evil conspiracy steeped in revenge and megalomania that reaches into the upper echelons of power.

Teamed up with four other precognitive ex-Stargate agents—all gifted with the same foresight as he, and having psychic visions of a devastating doomsday event—a race against time ensues. Can they save democracy and rekindle the love they’d once shared?

About the series
Gifted with precognitive skills and trained by the CIA in a top-secret program that not even the top brass of the agency was aware, the Stargate agents were once the nation’s most powerful secret asset. Betrayed by unknown enemies, unable to trust anyone—not even one another—the Stargate Agents hold the key to unmasking a conspiracy steeped in greed, power and revenge. To survive, they’ll have to solve what lies behind the recurring premonitions they experience, and stop an impending disaster.

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