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having faith, dena christy, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Having Faith (Cold Bay Wolf Pack #1) by Dena Christy – Free eBooks Download


Logan Sawyer has been an alpha of the Cold Bay Wolf Pack for six months. In order to strengthen his pack he must merge with another by taking one of their females as his mate. He is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure his pack’s survival, even giving up his chance to mate for love. His determination to put the pack first is unwavering until a woman from his past walks back into his life. He has never forgotten the one night they spent together thirteen years ago. And now she’s here, along with the son he never knew he had.

Faith Williams has been raising her son, Connor, alone and hasn’t needed anyone in her life. She got the message loud and clear when Logan disappeared like smoke after their night together. It meant nothing to him, and the last thing she wants is to darken his door. But something is happening to turn her son from a happy little boy to an aggressive, snarling young man and she needs his father’s help.

Logan knows what is happening to his son, his wolf side is rising with the onset of puberty. If Connor is to make the transition to adulthood safely he needs to be with his father. Logan is determined to do whatever it takes to be a permanent part of the boy’s life, even if it means getting close to Faith. But as he spends more time with his ready made family, he must make a choice. His pack or the woman who destiny has chosen for him.

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