Haunted by E.E. Everly (ePUB)

haunted, ee everly

Haunted (Fallen Emrys Chronicles #2) by E.E. Everly – Free eBooks Download


Evil is never good, no matter how tempting the package.

Along with his ability to deceive others, Caedryn has skills that make him a perfect double agent, including executing a daring stunt that draws the eye of an evil empress. Caedryn soon finds himself welcomed into her confidence—and pulled into her twisted plots and secrets.
Empress Rhianu’s dark power repulses him, yet as Caedryn becomes closer, he sees an intimate part of her that no one should ever see a power-hungry empress possess. A softness. A vulnerability.

Despite his mission to bring the empress down, the longer Caedryn knows her, the more she warps his reason. She’s either really sincere behind the scenes or as gifted in deception as he is.
Has she caught on to his role as a double agent, or does she really trust Caedryn as much as she says she does?

Time with her will make him insane or acquaint him with the darkness that hides within—unless love overcomes the insanity and gives Caedryn the reason he needs to fight for his empress.

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