Hate us Like You Mean It by Jaye Pratt (ePUB)

hate us like you mean it, jaye pratt

Hate us Like You Mean It by Jaye Pratt, Samantha Barrett – Free eBooks Download


When my father told me that his new girlfriend and her three sons were moving in, I was livid. My senior year of high school and I have no choice but to attend their school, where they are the crowned kings. Meeting them sucked, and attending their school is worse than living with them but did I mention I hooked up with one of them at a Christmas party?
Teague, Tanner and Talon instantly hate me. Good, the feeling is mutual. I underestimated how far their hatred for me runs. They use my two best friends, Zach and Silas, against me, blackmailing me into doing their bidding. When they publicly claim me as theirs in front of the whole school, everything changes. I’m forced to fall in line and do what they say or risk them hurting someone else I care about.
I tried to hate them like I meant it, but when tragedy strikes and my secret is revealed, the twins can no longer turn a blind eye to Teague’s hate. I thought he was bad before. I was so wrong. Hiding the truth from him was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made and now I’m paying the price for my deception.

When Hatred turns to love can you forget the past and overcome the hurt?

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