Harmony Island Gazette by Anne-Marie Meyer (ePUB)

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Harmony Island Gazette (Sweet Tea and a Southern Gentleman #5) by Anne-Marie Meyer – Free eBooks Download


In this story, Kevin may be the villain, but I am the monster.
In the end, I don’t get the happily ever after. In the end, I don’t get the girl.

I’m pregnant and I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell my parents. Kevin never wanted a baby. The only person who knows is Boone, and he swore he wouldn’t tell anyone and even though I’ve just met him, I believe he’ll keep my secret.
Morning sickness is no joke, so when Mom mentions needing to go out of town to help her sister, and I encourage my parents to go. With them gone, I can have the peace and quiet I need to figure out what I’m going to do. With them gone, I won’t live in fear that they will discover what I’m trying to keep hidden.
Now it’s Boone and I. At first, I vow to keep to myself. But situations occur and suddenly, we’re thrown together. He’s caring for me like Kevin should be caring for me. I thought I knew how a husband was supposed to treat his wife, but Boone is contradicting those thoughts.
And when he shows up when I need him most? I realize what I want for my future.
But, when I discover that he’s connected to my ex, all the trust I had for him crumbles away. I wanted things to be different for me and the baby, but I was wrong. I’m not meant for a happily ever after and my knight in shining armor?
He doesn’t exist.

I can’t shake the mystery man’s words. I know I should ignore what he said. Chalk it up to a crazy person spouting crazy things, but my spidey senses are tingling and I can’t help but think there’s trouble in Proctor paradise.
If only Asher could see what I see. He’s too excited to land them as clients for his up-and-coming real estate company to question what’s behind the curtain.
And when he asks me to let it go and just be happy for him, I try…
Until I can’t ignore my suspicions any longer.
The Proctors may rule this town, but they don’t control me. I’ll discover their secrets and when I do, I just hope my best friend isn’t in the line of fire when I go to take the whole Proctor dynasty down.

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