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Happy Ever Never (Written in the Stars #1) by Brittany Holland – Free eBooks Download


A modern twist on a classic tale. A love story tangled with secrets, seconds chances and destiny. Destined to be together, doomed to be torn apart. When Willow and Piers first met, she was searching for adventure and he was longing for a place to belong. They both found more than they bargained for. Hopes and dreams for their future destroyed by a secret that had to be protected at all costs.

Willow was forced to say goodbye to London, leaving behind a heartbroken Piers. Willow tries to move on but she can’t seem to let go of the past. When clues surface leading Piers to her, he realizes he’s lost more than he ever imagined. Angry, he leaves her no choice but to return to London with him. Undeniably drawn together, history starts repeating itself until lies and insecurities threaten to tear their love apart. Will it be happily ever after for Willow and Piers, or does their story end with happy ever never?

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