Gym Bros and Saving Throws by CD Rachels (ePUB)

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Gym Bros and Saving Throws (Single Gamer’s Society #3) by CD Rachels – Free eBooks Download


My goal is to be strong and get built. Falling for my―gorgeous, straight―gym bro is against all the rules.
I realize I’m unapologetically, flamboyantly gay. My board game buddies accept me as I am. I love my eyeliner, my accessories, and even my curly hair. Not every gay man is into that, hence my cruddy love life.
But the one thing I want to modify is my physique. I might never be ‘masc,’ but I can be muscular. No one will hurt me again if I become brawny and big, just like the dudes I’m into.
And the one guy I’m into the most is my new gym bro, Vil. He’s big, fit, fun, and charming. How can one dude have all those manly traits and still want to be friends with a femme guy like me?
I refuse to fall for a straight guy. So we’ll keep it strictly platonic while we exercise together. But as the weeks go by, I can’t help but be enchanted by him. He accepts me and has a genuine interest in my life. Vil claims he’s straight, but his smoldering looks tell me otherwise.
When he gently places his hands on me behind closed doors, my world is forever changed. All I wanted was to become jacked so I could love myself more. I’m not supposed to fall for a not-so-straight guy in the process.
Board games have always been fun for me. But getting closer to the gym bro―the same guy who might like me, too―is dangerous. Vil and I are gambling with our hearts, a dangerous game where we both could lose it all.

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