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Guild of Secrets (Obsidian Queen #1) by Shari L. Tapscott – Free eBooks Download


Previously published under Shari’s pen name, Shannon Lynn Cook, the Obsidian Queen series returns in an updated edition. This urban fantasy is full of magic and humor, perfect for readers who enjoy swoony romance and sparking chemistry.

If twenty-two-year-old Madeline Bennet knows anything for certain, it’s that she’ll get her desired apprenticeship with the Royal Guild. After all, her family is well-connected, and she’s all but dating the grand duke’s nephew.
But Madeline does not get her apprenticeship. Instead, she finds herself working with a trio of knight marshals, traipsing around the US, arresting all manner of magical miscreants. And if tracking trolls, running from murderous pixies, and stumbling into a dangerous web of criminal activity isn’t enough to keep her occupied, there’s also Gray, Jonathan, and Eric—the knights themselves.
They’re strong. They’re skilled. They’re ridiculously handsome. And they don’t want her on their team.
The four must play nice for six months, but can they even manage a week? And what will happen if the knights realize the royal advisor’s daughter isn’t just a prissy girl in heels? She’s harboring a dark secret—one that could prove to be more dangerous than even Madeline imagined.

Author’s Note: This spicy-sweet series is intended for adult audiences. Also, while the books have multiple potential love interests, at the end of the series, Madeline will end up with ONE man only.

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