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Guided by the Giant (Giants and Cyborgs Kindred #5) by Evangeline Anderson – Free eBooks Download


Molly’s ex is ruining her life by sending private and compromising videos of her to every employer she works for. When her new boss, Torus, gets one, she’s sure that she’s going to be fired again. But what the Giant Kindred does next surprises her…
As a Giant Kindred, over 9 feet tall, Torus has given up on the idea of finding a Mate. The human females surrounding him are too tiny and breakable…and he’s certain that none of them can handle his extra large equipment. But if he’s so sure that he isn’t interested in human women, then why is he having such strange and disturbing dreams about one in particular…a small, curvy female by the name of Molly Byrne who works for him?
Molly isn’t looking for a man. She just wants to keep her job and her Giant Kindred boss is the last person she wants to tangle with. But things go sideways when Torus is sent a compromising video of Molly self-pleasuring—a video taken by her abusive ex who has been sending it out to every single employer she’s had for the past five years, ever since their divorce.
Sure that she’s going to lose yet another job because of the embarrassing video, Molly packs up her desk…but Torus has other ideas. Can the two of them come to some understanding despite—or perhaps because of—the embarrassing vid and Torus’s strange dreams? You’ll have to read Guided by the Giant to find out.

*Author’s note–my heroine gets into some sticky situations in this book but I promise it all works out. Please read responsibly!

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