Guarding His Enemy by Anna Wineheart (ePUB)

guarding his enemy, anna wineheart

Guarding His Enemy (Meadow Street Brothers #4) by Anna Wineheart – Free eBooks Download


How do you NOT fall in love with your bodyguard?
You make him your enemy, of course.
Phinny doesn’t need a husband or a family. So what if all his Brothers have been getting married and having children? Those are things people tell him he should want. Not things he actually wants. Never mind that he’s been secretly looking at pictures of babies. Never mind that his heart fills with deeper yearning with every wedding he attends.
Unbeknownst to him, his Brothers have set him up with the best alpha possible: his bodyguard.
Blaze is twenty-six to Phinny’s forty-four. He’s young, full of distrust, and from the way Phinny ruins their first meeting? He hates Phinny.
In order to protect his heart, Phinny needs them to be enemies. But the way Blaze holds him, the way Blaze starts to see him for who he really is… It terrifies him.
They can’t get so close. Or can they?

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