Grumpy Doctor Next Door by Lexi Reed (ePUB)

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Grumpy Doctor Next Door by Lexi Reed – Free eBooks Download


The smokin’ single dad next door is a billionaire doctor and annoyingly, my new boss.
I was in debt up to my eyeballs when I met Dr. Harrison.
Trying to seduce the rich hottie handing out money at the bar only ended in failure.
Imagine my embarrassment when he turned out to be my new neighbor.
He’s looking to hire a nanny, and I’m not in any position to turn down a job.
Just like at the club, my legs turn to jelly whenever he glances my way.
I’d let him do whatever he wanted, for as long as he wanted, under that smoldering gaze.
Too bad he’s a grumpy jerk who gets snippy over the least little thing.
It’s impossible to connect with this guy, not until when we are both drinking.
Or coiled around each other naked, gasping for breath.
I dig how he looks at me when I’m with his kid, like I’m the missing piece in their family.
With him by my side, I could start fresh, leaving my past behind.
But the one I’m running from is his brother, my Ex.

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