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Grudge Match (The Matchmaker) by Matilda Martel – Free eBooks Download


Elodie Bernard is a small-town girl from Maple Ridge, Vermont, with culinary ambitions and big dreams. Setbacks delayed her education, but she’s determined to make it in the Big Apple, no matter what.
She has no time for fun or room for love. She’s been there and done that and has nothing but a broken heart and trust issues to show for it.
Her bestie, Ramona, has other plans.
Months before their yearly Valentine’s Day girl’s night out, Ramona secretly applies for invitations to a private party hosted by The Match Queen, a renowned matchmaker. The plan is simple: They can find the loves of their lives or go on a date, pretend to like each other, and potentially win $20k and a dream trip. It’s a win-win.
Deacon LeBlanc, a former Maple Ridge resident now thriving in New York as a lawyer, is repeatedly pressured by his boss to settle down. His boss doesn’t want to lose him. He bills more hours than anyone else at the firm. But as long as Deacon stays single, he has no ties to remain in the city.
When Deacon rejects another set-up, his boss’s wife sends his information to The Match Queen and prays she finds him the perfect match.
After all, her accuracy is legendary.
Tricked into attending the event, Deacon is unexpectedly paired with Elodie, his little brother’s ex-girlfriend. Despite past animosity, Elodie has always held a special place in his heart. She’s the one who got away.
Their unexpected match requires them to embark on an all-day date, with success promising both money and a lavish trip.
Who knew falling in love would be so easy?

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