Griffin’s Revelation by Ciara St James (ePUB)

griffin's revelation, ciara st james

Griffin’s Revelation (Dark Patriots #3) by Ciara St James – Free eBooks Download


Griffin “Wraith” Voss is a man who is always up for any assignment. He and three of his closest SEAL brothers-in-arms have formed the Dark Patriots to keep others safe and continue to use some of the skills he learned as a Navy SEAL. However, he’s feeling the need for a challenge, and a call from a mysterious friend within the government, Anderson, is just what he needs.
While the Dark Patriots provide security and other services to many companies and individuals, they do more work both on and off the books for their government. This is why Anderson contacts them. He has a job, and they’re the only ones who will suffice to protect the US’s biggest weapons and biotech contractor, Gerard Industries. There’s a threat that has to be eliminated.
Griffin takes a team to handle it but only knows he’ll be updated when he arrives. Imagine his surprise when he finds out the threat isn’t exactly what he or his team imagines. And the danger might pale in comparison to Hadley, the woman who walks in, reveals a secret, and takes Griffin by storm.
Hadley has always had to hide who and what she is. To most, she doesn’t exist. To others, Hadley is a spoiled, rich girl with nothing to do but have fun and spend money. She hates it but knows it serves a greater purpose. Being blindsided by the threat she finds out about after the Dark Patriots arrive is second to her surprise at meeting Griffin.
As they work to figure out who the threat is coming from, she and Griffin dance around each other. When a late-night caller takes them by surprise, she’s whisked away to safety, and things really begin to heat up. Only in the end, they get more than a few shocks and some heartache. All it takes is one revelation, Griffin’s revelation, to reveal a whole new future for both of them.

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