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grayson, laura scott

Grayson (Oath of Honor #4) by Laura Scott – Free eBooks Download


Oath of Honor – To protect and serve.
Dangerous research…

Microbiologist Dr. Eve Shaw is stunned to narrowly miss being blown up by an explosion in the research institute where she works. Even more so to realize the bomb had been planted in her office set to go off during her presentation. Her research is aimed to help find the cure for disease, so why would someone want her dead?
Tactical Police Officer Grayson Clark rushes to Eve’s side in the aftermath of the explosion. Having known Eve from high school chemistry, he is just as stumped over why she would be targeted. Yet as he tries to keep her safe, it some becomes clear the bomber will not stop until he’s gotten rid of Eve for good. Can Grayson find the killer before it’s too late?

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