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Grave Games (Gravediggers MC Duology #1) by Stacy Gail – Free eBooks Download


TRIGGER WARNINGS: The main character is a victim of violent sexual assault, a subject that is dealt with throughout this book. If this is a triggering subject, this book is not for you. Also, physical violence leading to death is also a factor.

My life as I knew it ended four years ago.
I’d always been on the shy side—you know, not too great with the boys. So when my brother’s hot new friend asked me out, I was dazzled beyond belief. Then our first date turned into a kidnapping, where I was assaulted for three days by this so-called friend. Turns out the guy is the heir to the Chicago Gravediggers Motorcycle Club, and they wanted to recruit my brother bad. Their solution? Torture me until my brother broke. He did, and when he traded his freedom for mine, our family shattered.

The Chicago Gravediggers had once been my MC, my family, but it was being run into the ground by a madman and his psycho kid. A few years back I jumped ship with my fellow brothers to form a new chapter, but everyone knows two Gravedigger chapters in one town is one chapter too many. Then we got word one of theirs is trying to get out. We’ll help him, as long as there’s something in it for us. The only thing that might gum up the works is the guy’s sister, Shiloh McKeen. I’m tasked with making her fall in line, because my road name is Romeo, and I earned it honestly. But Shiloh’s not falling for the act, or me.

Hell, if I’m not careful, I might be the one falling for her.

*GRAVE GAMES is a contemporary romance with an Alpha male who will kill to protect the woman he loves. As always, no cliffhangers, love triangles, or cheating. Due to adult language, violence, and several sex scenes, this book is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.*

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