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Grant’s Deal (The Virgin Surrogates #2) by C.M. Steele – Free eBooks Download


The guys talked me into this. Make an heir using a surrogate.

How had I let my life get to this? That answer had been easy. I worked like a dog, making my millions without bothering to actually live. Sixty plus hours a week and not a single moment spent in the arms of a woman led me to this point. I was tempted to turn around and go back home until I saw her walking my way. Long chocolate-colored hair, blowing in the breeze, drew me to her gorgeous face. Her hand touched that handle, and I was out of my limo. I didn’t need a surrogate. I needed her.
She looked at me like I was nuts as I tossed out my offer. It was a deal of a lifetime for a girl looking to sell her body for money, but if she were willing to give away her womb, she’d have to do it the old-fashioned way with her under me.

Once I get her to make a deal with the devil, there would be no way I’d let her go even if that was what I promised. The devil never plays fair. I never play fair.

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