Grading with a Gargoyle by Darci R. Acula (ePUB)

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Grading with a Gargoyle (Slaymore Academy #2) by Darci R. Acula, Starling Dax – Free eBooks Download


Gargoyles aren’t supposed to have pesky things like emotions. If I don’t get mine under control, I’ll be forced to spend the next hundred years stoned—and not in the way you are thinking!
I’ve spent my life being told I’m a failure, thanks to my inability to become the emotionless, logic-driven gargoyle I’m supposed to be. Despite my years of effort, I can’t figure out how my species manages to teach themselves to be emotionless, and it seems the harder I try, the more I suck at controlling my feels.
The fix, according to my parents, is sending me to Slaymore Academy instead of a gargoyle college. That way, I can get my degree without drawing too much attention from the Gargoyle Council until I’ve conquered my emotions and can stand before them as a proper gargoyle. At least, that’s the plan.
But things start shaking up—literally, with repeated earthquakes—and my mentor collapses from a mystery illness. I agree to team up with Thane, a sexy hellhound who can feed on my emotions, to get to the bottom of things. It doesn’t take long for me to realize that being around Thane is stirring feelings inside me I’ve never experienced, and it’s unraveling the progress I’ve made over the past three years.
Before coming to Slaymore, I’d never questioned my future. I just accepted that being a proper gargoyle meant protecting my own city, being assigned a partner to reproduce with, and a life spent watching the world pass by on the streets far below my rooftop perch with few interactions outside of my corvid companions. Now I’m wondering if there could be a different life for me—one where I don’t have to give up my emotions, my boisterous friends, or the sexy hellhound who claims I belong to him.
I’m starting to wonder if my future truly is set in stone… or if I can carve out my own destiny.

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