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goody magic 2, m guida

Goody Magic Academy, Year Two by M Guida – Free eBooks Download


In a world cloaked in shadows, where love is a dangerous spell, I tread a path lined with secrets – and one misstep could be my last.
My name is Peyton, and my second year at Goody Magic Academy is a labyrinth of shadows and deceptions. Bound by a dark curse and navigating a treacherous love triangle, every heartbeat is a reminder of the magic that once was mine—now cruelly sealed away.

I’m caught between two guys—a vampire and a male witch.
The vampire is a mystery wrapped in darkness. His betrayal still haunts my dreams. Yet, there’s more to his shadowed eyes than meets the eye – a cursed past entwined with royal secrets long forgotten. Despite the betrayal, a forbidden allure pulls me closer to him, a dangerous dance on the edge of a knife.
In contrast stands the male witch, a beacon of strength and understanding in my world of turmoil. His presence is a balm to my fractured spirit, offering protection amidst the chaos. But even his powerful magic can’t shield us from the dark forces gathering at the Academy’s gates.
Watching from the darkness, the High Priestess plots, her envy of my latent power fueling a dangerous game of magical chess. In her web of lies and manipulation, one wrong move could spell disaster for us all.
As secrets unravel and alliances shift, a grand revelation shakes the very foundations of my world. The vampire steps out of the shadows, his act of sacrifice laying bare a truth that turns everything I thought I knew on its head.
Amidst the chaos, a shocking discovery reveals my true nature – the power to shift into a dragon, a legacy that binds my fate to the male witch in ways I never imagined. This newfound power sets us on a collision course with the High Priestess, in a battle that will determine the fate of all at Goody Magic Academy.
In “Goody Magic Academy Year Two,” I walk a razor’s edge between love and betrayal, power and fear. As I confront the mysteries of my past and the perils of my heart, I realize that the most dangerous magic of all lies within me.

Join me on this harrowing journey of shadows and secrets, where every choice is a gamble with fate, and the truth of my heart could be the key to salvation – or the door to my undoing.

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