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goodbye adulthood, chloe banyard

Goodbye Adulthood by Chloe Banyard – Free eBooks Download


Whoever said time is a healer was lying.
Because Sadie has given it ten years and she doesn’t feel remotely healed. Ten years of missing her best friend. Ten years of trying to recreate the excitement of being in a pop band as a teenager. Ten years of festering resentment towards the estranged bandmate who abruptly ended her music career.
Ten years of feeling utterly lost.
Adulthood has been a monumental let down so far, and she’s beginning to worry that she’s wasted the best years of her life waiting around for something interesting to happen to her.
When her old band is invited to appear on a TV show, Sadie thinks that persuading everyone to agree to the reunion is the hard part. Once they’re all finally in the same room together, it soon becomes apparent that she doesn’t know nearly as much about her friends – or the end of the band – as she thought she did.
But that’s nothing that a bit of televised organised fun can’t fix… Right?

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