Good Run Of Bad Luck by Wynter Ryan (ePUB)

good run, wynter ryan

Good Run Of Bad Luck (From Valentine’s to Vegas) by Wynter Ryan – Free eBooks Download



You know that old saying, “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” That’s pretty much the story of my life: one long good run of bad luck. Finally, when I think my luck has changed, my aging grandfather, who I take care of, runs up a huge debt at a local casino. My only hope is that the casino owner will let me make payments on the debt my grandfather owes his casino, along with the money I’ve been saving for a downpayment on the bakery I have always dreamed of opening. Luckily, the casino owner accepts my offer to let me make payments on my grandfather’s debt, only he wants something other than money as payment.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas until it doesn’t…

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